Fair Trade Towns

Make Poverty is working along-side other groups in the community to get Edmonton established as a Fair Trade Town. No town the size of Edmonton has achieved this status, although many are on their way, so this is an exciting opportunity! Six towns in Canada have achieved this status - 4 just in 2009. Several other towns including Montreal, Olds and Quebec City are well on their way. Although a relatively new initiative in Canada, in other parts of the world, this campaign has caught fire. In Britain, there are over 400 Fair Trade Towns.

Target date:

September 2011

There are 6 goals that need to be met:

Goal 1:

City Council uses Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea and sugar and supports the Fair Trade Towns campaign

Goal 2:

88 stores and 44 restaurants in Edmonton offer atleast 2 Fair Trade Certified products

Goal 3:

Consumption of Fair Trade Certified products is promoted in workplaces, faith groups and schools

Goal 4:

Public awareness events and media coverage is held around the campaign

Goal 5:

Steering group created for continued involvement

Goal 6:

Other ethical sustainable initiatives promoted

How can your organization, business, classroom, or faith group support this initiative?

1. Learn:

Invite us to a presentation regarding Fair Trade Certification in your network

2. Passive support:

Allow us to list your group as a supporter of this initiative

3. Active support:

Advocate within your organization to convince them to commit to using Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea, sugar and other Fair Trade Certified products

Contact us at mphfairtrade.uofa@gmail.com if you interested in pursuing any of the above.

Visit TransFair Canada to find out more about this campaign.